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Coping with acceleration

Posted on September 28, 2017 by: LRMG

In a brilliant new piece of work, Thomas Friedman (author of The World is Flat) not only gives us a great synthesis of why the world feels so overwhelming right…

Leadership and the Human Capital Trends in South Africa

Posted in Management Consulting on May 10, 2016 by: LRMG

The overwhelming statistics are that businesses that embrace transformation adapt to changes in the business market, weather the storms better and are high-performing organisations. Continuing with business as usual in…

Our client solutions: Case studies

Posted on February 29, 2016 by: LRMG Performance Agency

When we at LRMG say that we’re a Performance Agency, we mean that we align people and environments to optimal performance through a variety of performance-enhancing solutions. But we don’t…

Sasfin - Management Development Programme

Posted on September 10, 2015 by: LRMG

Sasfin’s brief was to design a successful management transformation programme to identify future leadership potential within their current managerial operational teams. Encouraging self-actualisation of strengths and capabilities, increased responsibility for…

Old Mutual - Leadership Development Xperience

Posted on September 10, 2015 by: LRMG

Old Mutual's brief to LRMG was to design a cost-effective programme of blended learning solutions to enhance team leadership and skills development.

AfroCentric Health - Evolve and Ignite Xperiences

Posted on September 10, 2015 by: LRMG

AfroCentric Health briefed LRMG to take senior management's performance to a higher level by igniting a passion to lead by example with the ultimate goal of improving customer service.

Telkom Mobile - Using Learning to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Drive Business Growth

Posted on March 23, 2015 by: LRMG Performance Agency

In 2010, Telkom launched Telkom Mobile as part of its strategy to lead the provision of converged services in South Africa. Telkom Mobile operates through a network of stores operated…

Mr Price Group - Support Centre Environment

Posted on November 13, 2014 by: LRMG Performance Agency

Mr Price Group expressed the need for curricula to be defined for all roles in the merchant environment, as well as for eLearning programmes to be developed.

Technology Innovation Agency - Perfecting Performance Management

Posted in Blended Learning Solutions on May 23, 2014 by: LRMG Performance Agency

Restructuring and merging of two companies can be a challenging experience for any organisation. How much more challenging for TIA, which was born out of the merger of seven government…

Sasfin Holdings Limited Group Business Xperience

Posted in Blended Learning Solutions on May 22, 2014 by: LRMG Performance Agency

Sasfin required the design of a programme that would create an environment encouraging talented people to further their personal development and to strategically grow the intellectual capital of the business.