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Our client solutions: Case studies

When we at LRMG say that we’re a Performance Agency, we mean that we align people and environments to optimal performance through a variety of performance-enhancing solutions.

But we don’t just say it. And we don’t expect you to take our word for it, because we believe in being accountable for our word. This accountability takes the form of case studies, presented in our third article. These case studies are the measurement of the performance that we promise.


Here are just a few of the clients we’ve helped reach optimal performance.


Bank of Africa – Uganda Ltd.: 2015–2016


BOA – Uganda is a member of the Bank of Africa Group (BOA Group). In the Managing Directors’ own words, the Bank found that it was increasingly faced with constant change and complexities within the business environment that required the strengthening of leadership and management capacity. The Bank further believed that its Management Team had the potential to make a greater contribution to the achievement of its strategic goals and the development of other leaders within the Organisation.


LRMG’s East Africa Project Team implemented HarvardManage Mentor v.11 for the team of 62 Managers. After a year there was 100% uptake, 90% course completion, 37% average knowledge gain, a USD 1,255,302 cost savings, 9,815 man hours saved, and 100% learner application of HMM on the job. Learners indicated improved job performance due to the HMM Programme.


Centenary Rural Development Bank Ltd.: 2012


Centenary Bank was looking to find a solution that would address the logistical and cost challenges of providing equal training opportunities to all their employees across the branch network in Uganda. The main objectives of eLearning were to:

  • Adopt a new way of transferring knowledge and skill among staff with global reach.
  • To give equal training opportunity to all employees.
  • Upskill employees in a bid to improve the Bank’s competitive edge within the banking sector


LRMG’s eLearning team implemented Click Campus, comprised of NetDimensions LMS with 1,000 licenses, 528 Skillsoft courses, 10 getAbstract licenses, and 10 Customised Courses for 1,767 staff members.


Thus far, Centenary Bank has realised 90.7% cost savings and 62.5% time savings in the last three years through the use of Click Campus. There has been great adoption, as illustrated by the high license utilisation. As at end of Year 3, there was an average uptake of 84.55% and 51.9% completion rate. Beyond the time and cost savings, managers view Click Campus as an investment that is delivering business impact.


Dalbit Petroleum: August 2014 – February 2015


Dalbit Petroleum is a privately owned total energy solutions provider first incorporated in Kenya in 2002. LRMG East Africa used the SkillPort solution for a team of 14 Learners to meet Dalbit’s needs:


  • A cost-effective training programme to upskill the newly-recruited Graduate Trainees before being sent for work assignments to the other operations within Africa.
  • Easily accessible and efficient method of reaching and training the Graduates as they could access their learning 24x7 wherever they were located.
  • Targeted learning material aligned to the core competencies required for the Graduate Trainees for their new roles within the Organisation.


Over this period there has been a USD 44,286 cost savings and 336 man hours saved. There were 168 completions with USD 6,144 invested in the programme. The successes achieved were as a result of the cost efficiency of the programme and the dedicated support from LRMG and vigilant tracking of programme progress from the onset of implementation.


After successful completion of the Year 1 Programme, the Graduate Trainees subsequently enrolled onto the HMM Programme in Year 2 so as to acquire the business and management skills necessary in today’s fast-paced business environment.


KCB Group: 2013


The KCB Group is the leading commercial banking group in the East African region. The Group had previously acquired an LMS so as to give them a competitive edge in the market by addressing the high cost of training, man hours lost through employees traveling long distances in order to access learning and the time taken to conduct training on new products and services.


Utilisation, however, dropped due to lack of a dedicated programme manager to manage the eLearning programme and drive uptake of courses Also, due to many system administrators making changes to the data, a huge reporting/tracking challenge was created as data integrity was no longer assured. There was also internal business restructuring that destabilised the programme.


LRMG’s East Africa team implemented NetDimensions LMS with 6,000 licenses, 495 Skillsoft courses, Customised Courses for over 8,000 staff members.

KCB Group Academy is a great case study illustrating how a flailing eLearning programme can be turned around to become a successful programme that is delivering value. So far, KCB Group has realised cost savings of 76.3% and time savings of 62.5% post-revamp. 7,387 Courses have been completed in 6 countries in 3 months, addressing the challenge of scalability.


KPLC, Kenya Power: July 2014 – June 2015


KPLC owns and operates most of the electricity transmission and distribution system in Kenya and sells electricity to over 2.6 million customers (as at April 2014). KPLC required an on-demand library accessible at all times whenever and wherever, regardless of geographical location of staff, and referral content applicable to KPLC staff that will benefit it as an organisation, and, cost-effective material.


LRMG’s East Africa team employed Books24x7 as a solution for 10 learners.


An investment of 870,000 Kenya shilling saw a saving of 110,142,000 Kenya shilling and unlimited access to 27,753 books all year round. Learners were able to access the Business Pro collection which upskilled and sharpened the learners’ business acumen within the various departments throughout Kenya Power. IT Pro collection has a wide range of IT subjects focused on information technology to help keep Kenya Power in the technological know-how of this fast-changing, dynamic world. The Engineering Pro collection helped the learners to be able to access a lot of information on power engineering seeing as this is the main function of Kenya Power.


NIC Bank: 2014


NIC Bank is a commercial banking group in East Africa operating in three countries: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. NIC Bank needed a solution that would effectively address the challenge of training costs as well as logistics as they provided learning opportunities for their staff. They needed a solution that would offer both scalability and cost reduction. In addition, NIC Bank wanted to digitise their own training content so as to offer it to all staff in a cheaper and easily accessible manner.


LRMG’s East Africa team implemented NetDimensions LMS with 2,000 licenses, 500 HMM licenses, and 7 customised courses for over 1,000 staff. A 76.3% cost- and 62.5% time savings has been realised in one year and more than 61% of courses have been registered for and completed.


SOFGEN Group: September 2015 – September 2016


SOFGEN Group is one of the most respected international consultancy groups specialising in banking IT systems worldwide. There was a business need for a Change Management Training intervention in a cost-effective, scalable way that would reach all staff across its Africa Operations to help them understand and deal with having being newly acquired by Tech Mahindra.


LRMG’s East Africa Project Team implemented SkillPort eLearning Solution, SkillSoft Course: Dealing with Organizational Change, for 47 staff members.


A time savings of 350 man hours and a cost savings of USD 18,065 has been seen, with a 78% user access and 70 modules successfully completed. The Change Management Programme is still ongoing within the organisation. For Phase II, the Client is working with LRMG on content mapping of relevant courses against TNAs and business objectives for the FY 2016/17.


This is what our LRMG Africa and East Africa Project Teams have done for our clients over the last few years. Imagine what they and the rest of our teams can do for you. Visit our website and take a look at our solutions.

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