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What is data visualisation?

Data visualisation enables organisations to view complex and disparate organisational information in an easy-to-understand and organised way. Data visualisation empowers organisations by providing a comprehensive view of all their data in an easily understood, visual organisational chart format with hierarchical analytics. This helps companies gain a more thorough understanding of the organisation as a whole so they can better plan for the future.

For companies with complex data coming from multiple HCM, ERP, Talent, Learning, and other systems, organisational charting is an excellent way to visualise all data in one place for better decision-making.

Data visualisation and organisational charting enables organisations to find contact information in a corporate directory, view key metrics and KPIs, and measure workforce analytics using information such as performance, headcount, span of control, salaries, budgets, and more.


What is organisational planning?


Organisational planning provides companies with a streamlined process for adapting quickly to marketplace changes, taking advantage of market opportunities, and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Many organisations lack the tools needed to navigate change and maintain agility. LRMG Performance Agency delivers organisational planning solutions that empower companies to move through change smoothly and efficiently, whether they are going through ongoing planning, responding to marketplace trends, or managing reorganisations or mergers and acquisitions.

With LRMG’s organisational planning solutions, organisations can establish an aggregated, accurate data source, share secure organisational data with key stakeholders, build and evaluate organisation scenarios, make collaborative organisational decisions, and transition the organisation to the future state. Following an organisational planning process helps companies quickly realign their structures with strategic objectives.


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