LRMG Performance Agency

Best practice course content to move you forward in your career

DigitalCampus provides customised course material that will help you close specific knowledge gaps. Each course combines the integrity of Wits University’s content with LRMG Performance Agency’s invaluable management consulting and corporate learning experience. This unique partnership offers you customised, immediately actionable course content based on global best practice, and earns you a highly-recognised certificate of competence from Wits University.

The richest learning experience

Our tech-rich modules go beyond simply publishing information. They are interactive experiences, based on the neuroscience of learning, that ensure that concepts are truly understood and can be implemented immediately. This is achieved in a variety of ways, including, amongst others: contextual scenarios, real-time links, instant feedback, and interaction with like-minded professionals.

Learning that fits into your life

Our always-on, responsively designed courses work on tablet, mobile or desktop. This means that you can study at your pace from home, work, or in transit, when it best suits you – ANYtime, ANYwhere, from ANY device. Get instant feedback, collaborate with your peers, and earn a credible, highly-recognised certification from Wits University.



Contact Jannie Heyneke, Managing Executive Designate: DigitalCampus for more information.

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