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What differentiates LRMG eLearning?

All our eLearning solutions can be deployed on multiple platforms as they are cloud based. Your learning is no longer restricted to a PC, but can be accessed through multiple platforms and devices, such as tablets and smartphones – truly giving credence to a ready-to-use, on-demand learning experience.

Our learning consultants have many years of experience in the high-touch implementation of eLearning solutions. Our specialised team is on call to ensure the successful implementation of your eLearning solution.


Our African footprint

LRMG has representation in 20 countries throughout Africa, which we have developed over the last decade. We locate, develop, and grow local talent in those countries to sell best-of-breed eLearning solutions.

Our Products

Books24x7: In partnership with industry's foremost publishers, industry vendors, analyst firms, business thought leaders, and senior executives of Fortune 500 companies, Books24x7 offers on-demand, instant access to the complete digitised text of thousands of best-in-class books, book summaries, research reports, and best practices.

getAbstract: getAbstract’s compressed business book summaries make the world’s most relevant business books available to your people, packed into five informative pages. In addition, getAbstract’s compressed finance summaries offers decision-makers summaries of the most influential financial and economic reports, enabling them to make better informed decisions in less time. TED talk summaries are now available and offer the world’s most fascinating thinkers', leaders', and doers' high-prestige video presentations in two pages that enthuse and motivate. These powerful learning resources will upskill and empower your people.

Pearson English: The Pearson English suite includes a comprehensive set of products for assessment, formal learning, collaboration, and performance support in business English. The Pearson English suite enables employees to seamlessly develop their business English skills, while continually enhancing organisational productivity.

Harvard Business Publishing: Harvard Business Publishing corporate learning is a leadership development company that partners with clients to create world-class leadership development solutions for managers at all levels in global organisations and governments.

IT Talent: LRMG has partnered with leading IT professional development providers like Skillsoft, IT Practicelabs, and Lexonis to offer a turnkey solution to develop the careers of IT professionals.

Skillsoft: Skillsoft is a leading provider of online learning and performance support solutions that enable organisations to maximise business performance through a combination of comprehensive eLearning content, online information resources, flexible learning technologies, and support services.


At LRMG, we believe in the effective implementation of the 70:20:10 principle: 

This learning approach:

  • allows flexibility for different learning styles, including the various generational learning styles
  • is self-directed and empowers learners to take ownership for their learning in the workplace
  • is highly interactive
  • allows learning to be broken down into nuggets that can be accessed on demand
  • streamlines the learning process to minimise learners’ time out of office

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