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Grow your IT Team with Advanced IT Training Programmes

IT Talent Solutions is an LRMG business unit geared to address the specific needs of IT professionals. As technology is constantly evolving, IT professionals need to stay ahead of the game, which is not always easy to do – especially when training for this specialised field is usually planned and authorized by non-IT professionals. To this end, LRMG’s IT Talent Solutions aims to bridge that gap between HR-planned training and giving the IT community what it really needs by speaking their language. We have designed a model that directly addresses the 12 most critical needs of IT professionals, namely:

  1. ICT is a scarce and critical skill in SA and Africa.
  2. To improve the retention of key IT Talent in your organisation.
  3. To align your organisation’s IT team to the benchmark IT competency framework.
  4. To ensure that the ROI on costly IT software is maximised.
  5. To reduce the operational costs lost due to classroom only training.
  6. To provide your organisation’s IT team with more formal career development pathways.
  7. To provide a world-class IT skills development solution to your team, which cannot always be supplied by HR due to a lack of a comprehensive understanding of the IT environment and its requirements.
  8. To provide your IT team with access to learning towards certification as an IT professional.
  9. To effectively stay ahead of the IT software innovation curve.
  10. To more effectively use the available IT training budgets to cover more team members.
  11. To provide the team with more workplace practice to build their experience. 
  12. To improve the IT management team’s personal mastery skills.

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