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Need IT software for your company? We have you covered

LRMG’s IT Talent Solutions has designed a cloud-based IT talent and learning solution to address a comprehensive range of business concerns. Our solution is as follows:

Employee SFIA skill assessments helps to analyse gaps, assign people with the right IT skills to projects, and create skill-based learning programmes in line with business strategy. Better utilisation of employee skills, more efficient use of training budget and increased retention leads to a fitter, more agile and competitive IT department. Once we know where the gaps are, we can design a learning programme for each individual based on the areas in which they need to improve. This will be done through Skillsoft courseware where the users will be able to choose their preferred interface, as well as have a myriad of options best suited to their individual learning style. 

Once users have worked through the courseware, they are then free to implement what they have have learnt in a sandbox environment using Practice Labs. This allows them to practice and improve their skills. This platform also brings training theory to life and gives the individual greater depth of understanding. This helps to ensure that the learners are ready and confident for their certification test.

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