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Globalisation, digitisation and lightening fast innovation have changed the world we live in. Sales have shifted from merely selling products and services to attracting, retaining and growing customers.

Sales by Design provides an integrated blueprint for sales performance in our current market conditions.

Benchmarked against global best practices, our dynamic Sales by Design framework maps out eight universal and interrelated leavers that push and pull sales performance:

  • Sales Leadership  & Management: Aligning your company vision to sales performance, promoting high engagement and widespread contribution that inspires growth and development of people and business.
  • Sales Management: Developing a disciplined, streamlined and consistent process to execute daily tasks—efficiently, effectively and competently.
  • Sales Culture: Embed a sales philosophy throughout your organisation, creating a customer focused culture that builds credibility and nurtures for long term trust.
  • Sales Strategy: Successfully positioning your brand, products and services, customising the experience to new and existing customers and in so doing gain a competitive advantage through sustainable growth.
  • Employee Engagement: Provide and sustain the right conditions for your sales force to give of their best each day, to be motivated and committed to achieving their sales goals and living their values.
  • Performance Management: Monitoring and guiding your sales force to improve their ability to sell products or services by building credibility and nurturing trust.
  • Digital Enablement: Automating and integrating the workflow of the sales process to provide descriptive, predictive and prescriptive sales analytics, enabling visibility and future planning.
  • Employee Sales Capability: Through the implementation of the 70:20:10 principle, identify and build critical sales skills that promote and enable differentiated market conversations, in turn driving customisation.
  • Sales Process: A systematic, repeatable series of steps clearly understood and consistently applied that track the interaction from the first point of client engagement to closure, unlocking opportunities for customised growth.

These levers interact and influence each other, making it possible to identify the best courses of action that would have the biggest impact on your sales performance right now and in the future.

Sales by Design delivers a highly customised sales roadmap of weaknesses, bottlenecks and potential problems, along with opportunities to create, innovate, expand and grow. 


An altogether better sales solution

Sales by Design is about optimising sales performance all-round.

It’s about taking your sales performance to new heights, efficiently, effectively and consistently.

It’s about methodically and analytically identifying what needs to be done, when and where. We have developed a diagnostic tool to provide our clients with insights into the areas of strength and development within their sales organisations.

This allows for smart, highly focused sales interventions that deliver immediate results and incremental returns in the long term. 


Gearing for sustainable sales growth

Sales by Design:

  • Provides a powerful platform, process and methodology to attract, retain and grow customers, year on year.
  • Shifts the sales process from hard selling to building credibility and nurturing trust with customers, fostering a culture of collaboration and engagement.
  • Harnesses the capabilities of the entire sales force—at every touch point—enabling businesses to implement a client centric approach, quickly, easily and consistently.
  • Gears your business with a growth mindset where your sales force is attuned to create, innovate and deliver the right solution, at the right time, to the right customer.
  • Is fully customised and tailored to your company’s maturity, current situation, goals and vision.


 Innovation in action

We’ve always been big on putting our ideas and solutions into practice—testing, measuring and refining them first in our own business. It’s how we deliver results and returns for our customers and keep adding value to our clients’ business.

Tested by LRMG, Sales by Design has shown significant returns within a year. All ten LRMG businesses showed improved new business performance, in some instances dramatically. One business improved client acquisition eight-fold, reducing the time to close sales by a third.

Whether you want to attract, retrain or upskill sales capabilities to secure more sales leads, close more deals and generate more sales, streamline your sales process or develop a solution orientated sales culture, Sales by Design fast tracks sales performance on all levels.

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