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Spirit and soul

We’ve been impacting people and organisations since 1997 in South Africa and throughout Africa. We’re passionate about our country and about the potential that lies on this continent. We believe that the future, and in particular Africa, is filled with opportunity. We strive to be part of this growth.

Our spirit statement (vision) is to become the benchmark of performance. We believe that - in addition to our case studies and client comments - the proof of our performance impact lies closer to home. We’re in the business of creating exceptional performance, and that begins in our own organisation, with our own people.

Our soul statement (mission) is to positively shape the future of people and organisations. We have a purpose that is greater than us and we hope to contribute to it in every way we can. We want to uplift people, grow organisations and be the catalyst for success in every area of our country and our continent. We believe that this begins with enabling healthy individuals, who build healthy teams, healthy companies and a healthy country.

Our values shape our culture and the behaviour of our special people. The vital values, chosen by our people, that drive our organisation are:

  • Authenticity 
  • Growth mind-set 
  • Listening 
  • Loyalty 
  • Meeting promises 
  • Passion and energy 
  • Teamwork

Our people are some of the most highly talented employees in the industry. We don’t just hire classic performers though, but fill our offices with individuals who are aligned to our vision, mission, and values. We hire people who have a burning desire to impact our country and beyond our borders – and then we share our business with these special people.

Our clients

We have over 3000 clients that we currently assist in reaching their performance goals. Click here to view some of our clients.

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