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Message from our CEO

As a Performance Agency we enable individuals to perform better and organisations to provide the optimum environment for performance to happen.

We celebrate our 20th anniversary this year and are grateful for the good fortune we have had to grow from a distributor of video-based training programmes to a company with 10 divisions offering a cohesive range of By Design services and products that impact organisational and individual performance. Back then the AI we spoke of was Appreciative Inquiry, machine learning was Watson playing better chess against the grandmasters, and digital was a type of watch or signal expressed as a digit! We have learned to innovate in a virtuous circle of drinking our own champagne first, then taking it to clients, integrating around the Job, and fine-tuning and innovating as we and our clients carefully measure desired impact and ... often ... uncover unanticipated value. We believe that if we as LRMGers all continue to learn and grow across the spectrum of business acumen, self awareness, and self improvement, underlain with a wish to pioneer with spirit and adventure and commitment, we may remain relevant for another 20 years. We are hugely grateful to our many clients and to all of our partners who have trusted us to meet our promises.

Ricky Robinson - October 2017

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