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Our Corporate Social Initiatives

At LRMG, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of our nation’s disadvantaged people. We know that through educating and upskilling communities, we’re helping people to dream bigger, believe more, and achieve their greatest potential. We continue to add value where we can through various initiatives, such as donating computers to disadvantaged schools and providing audio-visual material to a children’s home. Our main initiatives include the Maharishi Institute and Londolozi Project.

Londolozi (Digital Literacy Programme):

LRMG provides educational tools to disadvantaged individuals at community-based learning centres in Londolozi and Phillipolis, in partnership with the Good Work Foundation. LRMG assists the foundation in educating people in these areas by providing learning material. In addition to other titles, we have donated Lessons from the Wild – learning that is designed to assist in empowering community members with essential business skills (such as leadership and teamwork). 


Maharishi Institute:

The Maharishi Institute is a self-funding education model that is managed by the Community & Individual Development Association (CIDA). Maharishi is currently scaling up from 300 students to 1500 over the next two years, and is supported by LRMG in their endeavours to improve the lives of previously disadvantaged youths by educating them out of poverty.


The SmilingOne Foundation:

Since January 2008, The SmilingOne Foundation has been echoing its impact in South African prisons, challenged communities, and throughout the Western Cape. The SmilingOne team of change agents inspires change and responsible living by availing themselves as students and explorers, inviting their Circles of Change students to explore/learn alongside them unlocking potential! The programme creates a platform for personal values-based leadership development using The Responsible Individual, and involving youth, families, and the community as a whole.

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