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Expanding talent, maximising performance

Posted in Article on September 01, 2014 by: Gavin Olivier

Everyone in HR today wants to know how their organisation can handle data better; from giving executives the power to make data-driven decisions, to streamlining the efficiency of your HR operation, says Gavin Olivier, Partner and Managing Executive for LRMG. “All HR managers want is to put more actionable information in the hands of their line managers and employees.”

Many large companies and enterprises have dozens of databases, including recruitment, performance management, compensation, benefits, and time and attendance systems, as sources of workforce data. Olivier points out however that, whether your organisation has acquired these multiple HR systems through acquisition or through reorganisations, missing a firm foundation of people data prevents you from using your talent as a competitive advantage.


In order to ensure better visibility of the organisation’s workforce and their development, vendors often recommend ripping out existing disparate HR systems and replacing them with one consolidated master platform. Olivier stresses that there are other options.
“The rip and replace principle is a costly and time-consuming process and can cause considerable down-time during the implementation. We recommend that you explore your options.  Why not rather keep what is working and look at incorporating a platform that interfaces with your data and which feeds it back to you in a meaningful way.

“HR isn’t an island.  Its functions can’t stay silo-ed from each other or from the rest of the organisation anymore. It needs to be fully integrated into the business and therefore data integration has become essential at all levels. By integrating disparate HR and business systems, it becomes easier to measure, optimise, and improve organisational performance.” 


For example, at an executive management level, integrating HR information with financial and operations data improves insights and informs better decisions and, at and an HR level, integrating workforce, talent, and learning processes improves workforce performance and helps people do their jobs better.” 


There is also an ever-growing need for access to HR data in real time, says Oliver. “One of the less user-friendly aspects of most HR technology is the need to leave what you’re doing, whether it’s interacting with a customer or working in another application, to access information or actions in an HR system. HR data needs to be pervasive, in other words it needs to be available to managers or employees when they need it or where they need it.”


Consolidation of all of your HR systems may sound like a great idea when you first hear it. In an ideal world, it makes sense - fewer systems mean cost savings and better data and dealing with one vendor is surely easier than dealing with three or more? However, consolidating data is easier said than done. Besides, some of your current HR technology investments may work just fine for now. 


“You shouldn’t have to throw out what’s working just to get data consolidation,” says Olivier. He suggests that organisations make use of their current systems data in a more efficient way   through an overarching integrated hosted platform. “This eliminates the need to undertake a costly rip and replace procedure, and minimises any impact on productivity.” 


“Our elixHR Platform is a faster, more cost effective approach that minimises disruption to your business and maximises the HR systems already in place,” says Olivier. 

“Making the decision to not rip out an old system and replace it with an entirely new one will save time and money, as well as supporting the future growth of the business.  And, integrated HR platforms such as this allows organisations to add on the desired modules as their business expands and technology advances. 


“HR integration gives organisations the competitive edge by leveraging the talent of their employees and managing all the data collected on an organisations staff in an effective and efficient manner. In other words you expand your talent and maximise performance,” Olivier concludes. 

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