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How to maximise value through strategic B-BBEE skills development

Posted on October 13, 2017 by: Jannie Heyneke, Operations Executive DigitalCampus

In 2015, revised B-BBEE codes emphasised skills development as a scorecard priority. This catalysed a dramatic response from organisations, which began to question how to maximise scorecard spend in the most impactful way for staff and company as a whole.

Out-of-office training is expensive, from a fiscal and time perspective, which makes many companies reluctant to have staff away from the workplace for extended periods. This means staff miss out on Category B, C, or D (B-BBEE Learning Program Matrix) recognised training, and the organisation foregoes the multiplier benefits from a recognised spend.

Online short courses tailored to address business skills shortages present an obvious solution, especially when recognised as Category B under the B-BBEE Learning Program Matrix. Companies don’t simply want to tick a box – they’re seeking turnkey learning solutions that dramatically upskill employees with critical skills that meet a business need with a sustainable, results-driven solution.

Here are some of the ways online courses allow business to check the B-BBEE skill development box while driving real value:

  1. Accredited courses carry more scorecard weight than courses that are not accredited. It’s worth investing in an accredited course with a certificate of competence. The better the course content, the more valuable the skills a learner accrues, so the experience and reputation of the lecturers needs to be taken into account.
  2. Reduce time away from the workplace with an online solution that allows employees to view course material anytime, anywhere. Learning can easily be slotted into a participant’s personal and professional life, with minimal business interruption
  3. Ensure staff pass and complete the course, by selecting an online learning provider with a high course completion rate
  4. Retain relevancy and gain key skills to bridge business shortfalls by selecting a short course that drives pivotal aspects of the company such as better financial management or more effective operations management
  5. Invest in staff to boost their job fulfilment and satisfaction. By sponsoring team members’ professional growth and facilitating their career progression, a company shows its commitment to that individual and gains their loyalty in return

DigitalCampus offers a range of online business courses with a 90% success rate in course completion. All our courses are accredited by Wits University.

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