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Train Staff to Solve Work Issues Through Humour

Posted in Article on October 07, 2013 by: Ricky Robinson

Nothing breaks the ice like laughter.

Which is why Eve Ash, internationally acclaimed public speaker and psychologist, has joined forces with comedienne Erin Brown to produce a powerful business comedy series, Cutting Edge Communication, aimed at helping employees solve common communication dilemmas in the workplace. 


The series will be available in South Africa on DVD or to stream by The LR Management Group’s Visuals division, who with over 3000 titles in their database, has the largest video-based learning content in the country.


By following the 50-part series employees learn important lessons in human interaction from an entertaining group of comedy performers dramatising typical situations encountered in office environments all over the world.  The content addresses topics such as surviving team conflicts, surviving stress and burnout, breaking bullying, appreciating diversity, staying motivated at work, facing social media and negotiating for results. 


Ricky Robinson, CEO of LRMG, says Cutting Edge Communications hits frustrations in the workplace head on, inviting viewers to laugh along while discovering ways to adjust their approach to improve their working life. “That way behavioural change in the workplace is promoted in a fun, innovative way. Studies have confirmed that communicating the message through DVD stimulates cognitive processes and improves retention, making it the ideal supporting material for staff training.”


As a renowned international expert on creating a powerful culture at work where people are switched on and engaged, Ash herself will be the keynote speaker at the launch event on 2 October in Johannesburg. Natalie Maroun, Chief Strategist and Senior Partner at LRMG Performance Agency will also address the audience. 

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