U2®: Great by Choice

Innovate and evolve in volatile times

Do you choose to be the best?

If you’re wondering what a rock band has in common with a 10X company, the inspirational story of U2, and their journey from vulnerability to greatness, provides a deep insight into how some organisations, despite a VUCA environment of turmoil and uncertainty, have been able to outperform their competitors by ten times or more.

Explore this band’s remarkable journey of growth, purpose, agility and innovation – from their first meeting as four vulnerable, misfit teenagers with limited musical skill, to becoming the rock stars and leaders they are today.

Greatness is an active choice

One of the world’s most famous rock bands is also one of the world’s greatest organisations. This case study illustrates how U2 manifests the core behaviours of 10X companies, as researched and written by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen, in outperforming competitors by 10 times or more. Motivated by their musical ambitions and humanitarian causes, U2 – like other 10Xers – haven’t only survived uncertainty and chaos, they’ve thrived! It’s an emotional, deeply human journey about the guts, grit and determination it takes to be the best.

Despite technological and socio-cultural shifts, they remain the most successful live touring band of all time. Their journey to relevance and longevity has been peppered with significant roadblocks. Where others may have given up or been overcome by unforeseen challenges, Bono, the Edge, Larry Mullins and Adam Clayton have been unwavering in serving the causes they are passionate about. Their mindset has driven them to make the best choices in rising from a place of vulnerability to one of greatness. They have not only become musical icons, but social justice activists, earning seats of influence amongst world leaders.

“The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.”

Ignite team and leadership conversations

  • How will we pull ahead when fast-moving forces we can’t predict, or control, hit?
  • What can we learn from 10X companies and how they consistently outperform competitors (by a minimum of 10 times)?
  • What high-performance habits should we adopt in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) times?
  • How are we evolving our decision-making skills in the face of disruption?
  • What high-performance habits will help us become Great by Choice?

Format and Approach

Engage your teams in a multimedia, facilitator-led conversation on Zoom, supported with interactive moderated conversations in breakout rooms (hosted by our team of Pod Coaches).


This case study is available in a 90-minute or 180-minute online (Zoom) format.

How does it work?

  • Contact us to let us know that you want LRMG to share this case study with your team
  • We will work with you to design or customise key conversation and reflection questions
  • Participants will get a link to a pre-case study primer to complete prior to the presentation and conversation
  • Your team will receive our Great by Choice! Toolkit as a take-away to ignite further learning and reflection

“What we're about in this band, I hope...is that we put people before ideas."

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