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A coaching platform that helps you scale your leaders’ ability to coach your talent for high performance

Your organisation’s talent sets you apart. Let passion, inspiration and unity shine.

The Coaching Culture platform gives your new leaders and first-line managers tools to help them build collaboration, increase performance and productivity, and improve business results.

A 12-month online coaching culture platform subscription gives you access to:









And Much More!

Imagine if...

Imagine if Coaching Culture and LRMG could help you improve efficacy and efficiency within your business with easy-to-integrate coaching content that turns your leaders into coaches.

If you’ve always wanted leaders as coaches but found that it’s too expensive, we have a scalable and affordable digital coaching solution for you.

Are you ready to increase engagement, motivation and productivity?

A coaching culture that ignites and inspires

Build coaching habits into leaders’ daily practices

The right insight at the right time can make all the difference. With Coaching Culture’s platform and learning assets you can help your leaders have more productive conversations with their teams, and build their coaching mindsets and practices in the flow of work. Improve communication, collaboration, engagement and performance.

Accelerate your coaching culture with easy-to-access tools and content

Add to your basket of coaching and leadership development tools. Empower leaders to revitalise team performance with one of the world’s best libraries of resources for boosting mid-management level coaching skills.

Enable and deliver effective leadership and business results

Elevate your performance culture. Ensure everyone delivers results. Promote engagement, growth and support. Get tailored, scalable solutions for your needs.

Infuse coaching capabilities across all levels of your organisation!

Access thousands of hours of coaching experience, distilled into bite-sized lessons and easy-to-read content that will help your managers develop their leader-as-coach style.

Your management team can access a variety of tools: printable workbooks, fully interactive, animated, explainer videos with click-throughs and quizzes to make learning an engaging experience.

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Success hinges on mastering mindsets. Empower your leaders with a self-coaching tool for mindset management.

Boost self-awareness and foster lasting behaviour change. Easily recommend content to people at any level in your organisation. Let users assess themselves and craft their learning journey from the available library.

Provide bite-sized learning on topics like growth mindset, emotional intelligence, resilience, and more.

Use the insights dashboard to track trending mindset topics and delve into detailed reports – or mix this tool into one of your blended learning and coaching solutions.

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Make feedback part of everyday life. Integrate Coaching Culture’s feedback tool into your organisation’s learning and performance ecosystem to enable your people and management teams to have more productive conversations.

Keep your finger on the pulse with powerful survey functionality which enables you to tap into the voice and tone of your organisation.

Advanced reporting functionality allows you to generate insights on development areas, and measure progress and change.

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Lift levels of trust and drive high performance by integrating coaching habits into the flow of work.

Improve the quality of performance conversations by offering a library of coaching videos to give line managers the right performance management training at the right time, and ensure their own coaching skills are constantly improving.

Help your managers and their teams to have full-spectrum performance conversations – from covering the setting of SMART goals all the way through to objectives, development plan challenges, and wellbeing.

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A coaching culture can help your people thrive!

The Coaching Culture platform gives organisations subscription-based access to one of the world’s best libraries of resources to foster a coaching mindset, empowering teams to grow and excel.

It’s an end-to-end solution that helps you reach and engage your on-site and remote workforce with a learning experience that enables you to meet your talent development needs and keep your organisation safe, certified and compliant throughout the employee lifecycle.

We believe

  • The world of work demands a new type of leader – the type who can unlock human potential by establishing a coaching leadership identity that helps connect your people to the business

  • A human-centric leadership approach is key to improving engagement and lifting performance and productivity

  • Coaching is an essential element of an organisational culture that empowers people, aligns teams with individual and organisational goals, enables collaboration and innovation, and embraces talent for collective success

Reveal the strengths and potential of a coaching culture!

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Fast track career growth in the new world of work

Accredited learning paths that build relevant skills and competence

Invigorate your skills development offering

University-accredited online and blended short courses

Rapidly improve your scorecard metrics

B-BBEE (South Africa) and other scorecard solutions

Trusted accreditation in the palm of your hand

Digitally enabled learning solutions supported by a dedicated team of Wits academics and experience managers

Discover why your customers buy what they buy

Learn to meet customers’ social, emotional and functional requirements

Activate and strengthen sales team engagement

Digital sales activation challenges

Cultivate a performance-based sales culture

Sales leadership and culture solutions

Mobilise the right sales strategy

Sales strategy validation and optimisation

Accelerate sales pipelines and spark growth

Customer-centric sales strategy

Grow and sustain critical sales capabilities

Digital learning content for Sales

Engage for sustainable high performance

Human Capital Strategy, Learning Strategy and Transformation

Future-fit your organisation for success

Learning and Talent Assessments, Talent Management and People Balance Sheet Planning

Connect learning journeys to performance outcomes

Onboarding, talent development and learning mapped to individual and company needs

Shift the needle on learning experiences

Smart learning and talent experience platforms, tools and digital learning assets

Upskill people with new digital smarts

Digital learning content (customised or plug-and-play)

Make better future-fit talent decisions

Talent Management

Get passionate about results

Strategy and Change

Nurture the right habits and behaviours

Leadership and Culture

Innovate and accelerate the future

Digital Transformation

Play your people to their strengths

Talent Assessments

Ignite high performance

Performance Enablement

Awaken the spirit of high performance

Interactive multimedia inspirational stories

Unlock new thinking and shift mindsets

More than 13 intriguing true stories of high performance

Empower leaders and teams

Expertly facilitated moderated conversations

Build new habits for high performance

Smart Toolboxes to activate habits for success