It’s a particular privilege to write a message for our new website because we are 21 years old this year, because it seems meaningful that there should be some ‘grownup-ness’ about who and what we are today, because we are tremendously excited about the journey of the next 10 years in Africa, and also because in reflecting back, we have been particularly fortunate to have survived to 21!

Reaching this milestone has been entirely due to the people that matter to us: our clients who have trusted us and often taken a chance on us; our people who have embraced the blend between living with soul and delivering with pioneering spirit while simultaneously being sponge-like learners; our local and overseas partners who have generously shared their thought leadership and experience with us; our shareholders who have allowed us to continue to invest everything in this country and this continent and take a few wrong turns along the way!

There is nothing so inspiring as making a positive difference to somebody’s life, especially when it involves potential they didn’t know or believe they had. How fortunate we have been. How fortunate we are that today at 21, we can look to the next 10 years of doing, well, more of and better of just that!

Ricky Robinson
Founding Member and CEO, LRMG
December 2018


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