With the acquisition of BizWize Consulting, LRMG is helping clients optimise business performance through data and analysis; workflow automation and optimisation; and business performance consulting services.


LRMG, through its Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) investment firm Pula Capital, has acquired a majority stake in business improvement consulting company, BizWize Consulting (BizWize).

BizWize helps businesses optimise the way they do things. It does this through thoroughly understanding processes, people and data. As capable and integrated process, data and software engineers, BizWize helps companies find their bottlenecks and improve business performance and throughput. BizWize counts many well-known South African businesses amongst its clients.

With this being LRMG’s second acquisition of 2018, following the addition of Game On Performance Solutions to its group of companies in February, the company is positioned for substantial growth this year. Passionate about process and performance, LRMG walks the walk by basing its approach to performance optimisation on the very systems and techniques employed in its own organisation.

“We believe that adding a strong and dedicated process capability to the LRMG group is extremely valuable to our offering and our clients,” says Ricky Robinson founding member and CEO of LRMG. “We look forward to seeing the returns our clients can realise through BizWize’s data and analysis; workflow automation and optimisation; and business performance consulting services.”

About Pula Capital Partners

Pula Capital Partners is a black-owned private equity partner that invests in companies seeking a Black Economic Empowerment shareholder. It is a subsidiary of LRMG and its value proposition sits squarely with leveraging the value that LRMG has to offer investees. Pula Capital’s mission is to grow companies not only through B-BBEE, but also by integrating companies into LRMG’s broad client base, whilst supporting their sales efforts and business development into the broader market. Its homepage is:

About BizWize Consulting

BizWise Consulting helps businesses solve problems, design optimal processes and deliver improvement solutions through data analytics, data services, workflow solutions and bespoke development. A proudly African company, BizWize consultants are passionate about tackling any business, industry, and process or data problems for its client on the continent and beyond. Its homepage is: