LRMG is partnering with goFLUENT, a leading disruptor and innovator in the business language learning market, to empower more people across Africa with the language skills required to do business and compete globally.

Africa is bursting with potential. Its combined GDP being pegged to become one of the fastest growing in the world highlights the need for proficiency in key business languages such as Chinese, English, French and Portuguese across the region.

Building business language skills in-house not only optimises the cost of doing business with international suppliers and clients but also provides career growth and development opportunities for an organisation’s employees.

goFLUENT uses cutting edge technologies, business-relevant content, and human interactions to accelerate language proficiency. With an established presence in Mauritius, goFLUENT’s partnership with LRMG significantly expands its reach in the region.

“We believe Africa offers significant long-term potential and we are thrilled to partner with LRMG,” said John Ambrose, goFLUENT President, North America and Chief Strategy Officer. “LRMG has a stellar reputation and track record of success in helping people and organisations optimise and raise performance. We are completely aligned around the importance of language skills providing all employees an equal voice and opportunities to advance in their careers.”

“The synergies between goFLUENT and LRMG make this a powerful partnership that could break down one of the biggest barriers for doing business – language. Our African footprint will provide goFLUENT with a fertile landscape to grow and expand, while goFLUENT’s dynamic business language platform provides our clients with an innovative performance tool that can improve their ability to conduct business effectively on a global stage,” says Ricky Robinson, founder and CEO of LRMG.

He adds, “As Nelson Mandela pointed out: ‘When you talk to a man in a language he understands, he hears with his head, when you talk to him in his language, he hears with his heart.’ Acquiring proficiency in other languages will also help African professionals build trust and establish better business relationships.”

About goFLUENT

goFLUENT is established in 18 countries and powered by more than 600 employees. goFLUENT has assisted more than 500,000 learners from over 2,000 organisations become more efficient when doing business globally and managing intercultural situations. With content partnerships including the Harvard Business Review and the New York Times, and a global average satisfaction rating of 98%, goFLUENT’s wide array of solutions are preparing organizations for global growth and success. For more information, please visit