Our DigitalCampus* business development team members speak to organisational Learning and Development representatives from across Africa on a daily basis.


Many report that online learning is still new and unchartered territory in their organisation and that they require more information about the effectiveness of online learning. We’ve gone the distance to answer any questions businesses may have about the benefits of online learning by bringing you five expert views on why online learning will work for your organisation.

Expert view #1: Research confirms that online learning is on the rise.

Global research findings state clearly that online learning is on the rise… in a big way! A study in the United States of America showed that the number of learners who enrolled for at least one online course per year increased by 400 percent over a 10-year period, while another study found that the global online learning market’s value increased by 300 percent over the last five years. Online learning has grown in huge leaps and bounds in organisations worldwide, with 77 percent of organisations in the United States offering online learning solutions to improve employee performance.

Expert view #2: Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Report predicts digital learning disruption.

Deloitte’s 2014 Human Capital Trends Report predicts a revolution in traditional South African corporate learning approaches. New age organisational learning will embrace digital, with online learning solutions providing on-demand learning that fills occupational skills gaps. Online training solutions and learning networks give young, talented employees the opportunity to engage expert views and collaborate with fellow learners.

DigitalCampus is ready for this digital learning age. We offer short courses that fill occupational skills gaps, allow learners to discuss relevant topics and engage with each other in discussion activities, and bring expert voices of lecturers and tutors to the learner in a rich digital learning environment.

Expert view #3: Research shows that online learning provides a richer learning experience.

Learners who study online actually have a richer and more fulfilling learning experience, according to research findings from a global study. The secret ingredients here seem to be time, structure and interaction. As online learners can engage with course content longer than their classroom-learning counterparts and can revisit and review learning material, the learning experience is better. Online courses are also seemingly better structured than some classroom learning experiences, giving online learners a better understanding of the course learning outcomes and the flow of the learning content.

Expert view #4: Bersin recommends online learning for technical skills.

Thought leader Josh Bersin states in his 2015 report that organisations are experiencing constant demands for occupational or technical skills training and recommends that the rich world of online learning be applied to meet these learning needs. Organisations can now address technical or occupational learning needs like Project Management with online courses and should leverage online learning to form part of the total organisational training solution. Bersin further argues that organisations need to ensure that their employees stay up-to-date and even ahead of the curve with regards to their occupational or technical skills and expertise.

At DigitalCampus, we offer a variety of short courses that specifically address technical or occupational skills gaps, assisting your organisation to leverage online learning.

Expert view #5: Wits Plus Director, Dr. Johan Swanepoel, motivates that organisations can trust DigitalCampus’ learner support.

At DigitalCampus, we know that organisations invest in employee learning and would ultimately want to see a return on that investment with successful course completion and the application of skills in the workplace. Wits Plus Director, Dr. Johan Swanepoel, is convinced that the secret to DigitalCampus’ learner success has been the support provided to learners: “To date, 100 percent of learners that start a DigitalCampus course complete it – this throughput rate is unheard of as online or distance learning attrition rates are normally quite high. Our learner journey support management supports technical queries, coordinates learner contact with the lecturer or tutor, and even monitors learner progress and submissions, providing a gentle nudge where needed. Businesses can confidently invest in DigitalCampus short courses because the proof is there: We will look after the learner and support them right through the programme.”

Expert voices and research findings support what we at LRMG believe about our benchmark DigitalCampus offering. Our fully digitised, online short courses can help your employees reimagine their professional potential, and enable your business to reach its performance benchmark in line with the Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report findings on technology as talent.

Anton Cabral, managing executive of LRMG’s Digital Agency, in charge of digitising DigitalCampus’ courses, says: “I truly believe that the online learning courses offered by us are among the best on offer as part of the blended learning philosophy, which is why I agreed to join the DigitalCampus team in my capacity as an e-learning professional.”

Jannie Heyneke, managing executive of DigitalCampus, echoes Cabral’s sentiments: “There are numerous reasons why DigitalCampus’ online learning solution is something I’m proud to be behind. Through the online learning aspect of blended learning, we’re able to provide learning to a segment of the population who have, up until digital learning, not had the time to devote to developing their potential and have had to focus on on-the-job learning and skills. Online learning is truly changing not only the learning campus but the business landscape as we know it. We, at LRMG and DigitalCampus, are thrilled to be part of something that causes that kind of shift not only in traditions and organisations but in people, exponentially broadening the potential of what and who we can be.”

*DigitalCampus is our online business short course collaboration with Wits University, offering a variety of exciting 10-week courses designed to close the skills gaps of your people, enabling immediately applicable workplace skills, aligned to B-BBEE skills development spend requirements and your employees’ Personal Development Plans. Contact us today to reimagine the professional potential of your people:


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