An Ecosystem to Digitally Enable High Performance

An Ecosystem to Digitally Enable High Performance

LRMG’s mechanism to create an end-to-end solution in digital enablement

Pula is the investment arm of LRMG.

It is a B-BBEE AAA accredited equity-based business accelerator that practically facilitates growth. We carefully select product and services businesses with a growth mindset, which have a good cultural fit with the LRMG ethos and how we serve our clients, and we acquire a significant share in these businesses.

By providing digital enablement ecosystems, our clients can leverage the benefits of a much larger group of integrated services.

For our sister companies, this enables business expansion with new horizons as a partner in an end-to-end high-performance ecosystem serving the whole Africa. Read more

Slide Through our software tools that enable the automation and streamlining of business data, financial and operational processes, our clients can focus on what ‘matters most’.

BizWize’s 3-tier product offering includes:
1. Data preparation and integration for governance and quality management of your company’s data
2. Automated reconciliation and attestation allowing for more effective focus on exception handling/management
3. Process automation that will enable systematic digitisation of your company’s business processes
Slide Manage and improve business efficiencies by building internal Strategy Execution capabilities. KPI Management Solutions’ innovative software solutions identify, quantify and unlock your business’ inefficiencies, delivering measurable financial results through data analytics; planning and forecasting and data modelling to optimise your business' bottom line.
Slide Game On Performance Solutions helps leaders improve performance through better quality thinking and interaction with their teams, within a disciplined approach to value creation. We do this by helping them master leadership skills that are theoretically simple but practically difficult to implement through a process of group learning, collaborative problem solving and individual coaching.

Leaders that work with us find new levels of satisfaction and lightness in their role as leaders, while the organisations they lead find their cultural DNA shifting to value their people and customers more, leading to improvements in both employee and customer experience.

Slide Torch Solutioneers™ guides you through the changes, choices, and opportunities presented by the 4th Industrial Revolution to build a disruptive digital business model. We provide consulting services on digitalisation of processes that reduce friction for the customer and release internal efficiencies through harnessing the power of digitisation, automation leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  Our Solutioneers developed South Africa’s first RPA-as-a-Service offering, focussing on making the power of automation available for all businesses for whom the traditional licensing models are not cost effective.
Slide Torch Telecoms Lifecycle Management is a leading Telecom Expense Management Specialist. We are the trusted advisor to Blue Chip companies throughout Africa since 2004 and currently manage over R3,45 billion telecom assets and expenditure per year. We have delivered an audited annual saving of over R655 million for our Customers.  Using our technology we typically deliver between 10 – 18% savings on our customers’ telecom spend and expertly manage the telecom estate – every connection, every user, every issue, every day.