Impactful Specialist Solutions

Sanlam Case Study

Sanlam Case Study

Sanlam Case Study

We empower generations to be financially confident, secure and prosperous

What was Impactful Specialist Solutions hired to do?

  • To help Sanlam achieve its strategic goal of empowering youth with special needs
  • To manage the Learnership recruitment process, training and placement of delegates upon completion
  • To be a Skills Development partner in Sanlam’s transformation journey and assist them in achieving a diversified staff complement

Client’s Challenges & progress to be made

Improving diversity in order to have a more represented workforce and recognising the necessity of giving chances to people with special needs in their fight against unemployment. Sanlam’s goal has always been to give people hope so they can live their lives with confidence and to assist them in becoming economically productive citizens. The lack of suitably qualified candidates has always been a challenge.

Sanlam case study - empower generations

Impactful Specialist Solutions’ approach

Learnerships are a crucial tool for assisting these individuals in their transformational journeys and achieving a diverse workforce. Sanlam partnered with Impactful Specialist Solutions (ISS) in 2017 to assist them with facilitating Learnership programmes on their behalf. 

Typically, the process begins with the end in mind, finding actual openings in businesses where people may be hired full-time. Candidates are selected according to job description, specific competencies, skills and knowledge – in collaboration with a recruiting specialist for people with special needs. 

Numeracy and literacy assessments are done before candidates are shortlisted for interviews. Following that, these individuals are trained in the financial services field. They receive a recognised qualification as well as important professional experience when they complete the program.

Value delivered to date

  • 227 impaired learners trained since 2017
  • 40% of these learners were placed in Sanlam, the remainder in other institutions

Learner feedback

How is your journey as a student going?

“So far everything is going well, the class environment, as well as the building facilities, are good.”

What positive impact does this learnership program have on your life personally? 

“The end-user program has helped me a lot because I had less knowledge about computers and now, I am learning more. I am also building up my curriculum.”

Client comments

1. Why did you choose Impactful Specialist Solutions?

“We have a long-term relationship with this provider, with a proven track record to assist Sanlam to deliver on this strategic project.”

2. What do you think made our offering stand out from other options?

“Experience in training people with special needs and previous collaboration with Impactful Specialist Solutions on special projects. Furthermore, their knowledge and capacity to execute projects of this nature.”

3. Having worked with Impactful Specialist Solutions in the past, is there anything that exceeded your expectations this time around?

“Their project management ability with projects of this nature and managing potential risks. Impactful Specialist Solutions also has the ability to identify and propose solutions to mitigate risks.”

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