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As a performance optimisation company that is constantly evolving and expanding, we’re always on the lookout for pioneering individuals who share our passion, dare to think differently, strive to innovate and find new ways to better serve our clients.

Be a catalyst for positive change

LRMG people are united by a genuine desire to make a positive contribution to our immediate and extended environments. We bring our best every day to help companies perform better through improved processes and technologies; and motivated, engaged employees. We are inspired to equip people with the capabilities and skills they need to unlock their potential and build better futures. Our solution spectrum offers many opportunities for passionate individuals to contribute their unique skills, engage in meaningful work and make a difference.

Bring your authentic self and unique talents to work

Our people are undoubtably our biggest asset, and when hiring new talent into our business, we look at the who first. It’s our shared mission, vision and values that connect us as a company, but it’s the diversity of our Performance Architects that drives progress and sets us apart. At LRMG, these seemingly paradoxical concepts sit comfortably side by side. We respect differences, encourage open and authentic dialogue, and value each person’s unique contribution.

Grow personally and professionally

Our highly skilled people employ a growth-focused mindset and continually upskill and develop to ensure as a collective, we evolve and adapt to help our clients raise performance, productivity and profitability, now and for the future.

We believe our individual and organisational performance are supported by underlying component parts of soul, spirit and business acumen. All Performance Architects embark on their personal voice-finding journey across this spectrum.


Self-awareness, being of a growth mindset and open to feedback, being conscious of ego traps and self-deception


Guts, grit, resilience and pioneering adventure

Business Acumen

Relevant business-specific competence

Find your voice

Our people have access to all the top learning resources we make available to our clients, and strategically grow their game-specific skill sets in accordance with the development goals set out in their Personal Development Programme.

The personal mastery and growth of our tribe members are supported by consistent, independent internal coaching, learning resources and our quarterly Voice Matters sessions.

Voice Matters is a very special ritual in our company and offers our people the opportunity to connect, reflect and grow as a tribe. In these sessions, we draw lessons and success principles from real-life performance stories and find meaning in them together.

Play to your highest point of contribution

Having the right people, in the right seats, working to their highest point of contribution, will ensure we continue to fulfil our mission of positively shaping the future of people and organisations in Africa.

We look for soulful individuals who are unafraid to uncover, nurture and grow into their authentic and best selves, both personally and professionally.

If you recognise yourself in this description, and you enjoy working with an international team of people in a learning-friendly, rapidly evolving environment, we would like to hear from you!

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