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EdCast is an exciting and modern AI-powered talent experience platform that provides hyper-personalised learning experiences to help you ignite a love for learning with out-of-the-box content and curation tools.

Revolutionise employee experiences in your organisation and easily create one place for learning, skilling and career development, in the flow of work, with mobile-first technology that works on any platform and other applications your employees use everyday.

Cornerstone + EdCast: United in growth

Together, EdCast and Cornerstone will help you unify and scale a next generation learning platform to help you make your vision for the future of work a reality.

Imagine if

Imagine if EdCast and LRMG could revolutionise your end-to-end employee skill-building experience and shape your talent pool with a powerful, modern, AI-powered tool…

Are you ready to infuse new learning energy across your business and achieve inspiring results?




More experts




Better skills




Longer retention

Invigorate your learning culture

Hyper-personalised, AI-powered, learner-driven experiences

The learning experience improves the more it is used – presenting learners with learning material personalised to their career needs, preferred topics, course format and skill level. Identify and close skills gaps and collect accurate data on how learning is impacting individuals and the business – drive a learning culture that produces business results.

Creator economy helps you codify/capture institutional knowledge

Just like content creators and influencers on the social media platforms you know, EdCast enables you to join the digital revolution and spice up your learning offerings with your own creator-driven (SME) content. You can easily build learning on the fly, distribute it across the organisation and get the best out of peer-to-peer learning and engagement.

Seamless integration into your environment

Your current learning stack won’t be lost – it will be curated, aggregated and distributed to your target audience on demand. The technology easily integrates into all your favourite software and helps to make learning available in the flow of work. We play well with others.

Built to ignite and inspire the demanding workforce​

Aggregate, curate, target and deliver contextual content at the time of need, in the flow of work and bring learning to life with AI-powered search and recommendation engines and innovative social and gamification features. Stimulate your learning culture with easy-to-use functionality that lets users generate and distribute their own content.
Identify, build and close the skills gaps that your organisation needs by making AI-suggested content available to everyone. You will find yourself quickly invigorating your learning culture and building a skills economy that ensures business growth when you need it, and just in time.
Reduce churn and increase productivity and retention of your star performers by delivering a full-cycle career experience from hire to retire. With EdCast’s Career Mobility Experience you can easily create a skills development plan for the future roles that will put your business on a growth and performance trajectory. Machine-curated content mapping helps you close skills gaps by easily connecting the dots between content and skills, ensuring that you seamlessly place relevant learning on career paths.
With EdCast’s AI-powered knowledge cloud, you can create a consolidated index of all approved web content or content from your Learning Management System, shared repositories or third-party content providers. This ensures one access point for all your learning assets direct to learners in the flow of work – and in all your business-as-usual applications like MS Office Suite.
Speed up the adoption of your digital transformation investments with personalised in-app learning, self-serve support and frictionless change to make best practices your standard practice – across web, mobile and desktop.

Reimagine and revolutionise the end-to-end employee experience

EdCast makes learning available inside the apps your employees need – EdCast makes ‘learning in the flow of work’ a reality.

With EdCast, you can revolutionise your employee experience with AI-powered, hyper-personalised, expert content, delivered at each employee’s moment of need. It is dynamic, modern and intuitive, and continuously evolves as learning demands change.

We believe

  • Learning is most powerful when available ‘at the moment of need’
  • Innovation, creativity, peer-to-peer learning and sharing are key ingredients for an effective learning strategy
  • Codifying institutional knowledge helps build learning assets that capture your organisation’s unique IP (so, when your talent leaves, the knowledge doesn’t)
  • Deep data and insights help L&D service real business needs
  • Skill building is a lever for talent retention and optimisation for business results
  • Career-driven learning paths nurture the talent your business needs
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) provides an instant feed into your future-fit talent strategy
  • Speedy adoption of your digital transformation investments
Assess the learning health of your organisation
LHI 2021 Report – Africa

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Fast track career growth in the new world of work

Accredited learning paths that build relevant skills and competence

Invigorate your skills development offering

University-accredited online and blended short courses

Rapidly improve your scorecard metrics

B-BBEE (South Africa) and other scorecard solutions

Trusted accreditation in the palm of your hand

Digitally enabled learning solutions supported by a dedicated team of Wits academics and experience managers

Discover why your customers buy what they buy

Learn to meet customers’ social, emotional and functional requirements

Activate and strengthen sales team engagement

Digital sales activation challenges

Cultivate a performance-based sales culture

Sales leadership and culture solutions

Mobilise the right sales strategy

Sales strategy validation and optimisation

Accelerate sales pipelines and spark growth

Customer-centric sales strategy

Grow and sustain critical sales capabilities

Digital learning content for Sales

Engage for sustainable high performance

Human Capital Strategy, Learning Strategy and Transformation

Future-fit your organisation for success

Learning and Talent Assessments, Talent Management and People Balance Sheet Planning

Connect learning journeys to performance outcomes

Onboarding, talent development and learning mapped to individual and company needs

Shift the needle on learning experiences

Smart learning and talent experience platforms, tools and digital learning assets

Upskill people with new digital smarts

Digital learning content (customised or plug-and-play)

Make better future-fit talent decisions

Talent Management

Get passionate about results

Strategy and Change

Nurture the right habits and behaviours

Leadership and Culture

Innovate and accelerate the future

Digital Transformation

Play your people to their strengths

Talent Assessments

Ignite high performance

Performance Enablement

Awaken the spirit of high performance

Interactive multimedia inspirational stories

Unlock new thinking and shift mindsets

More than 13 intriguing true stories of high performance

Empower leaders and teams

Expertly facilitated moderated conversations

Build new habits for high performance

Smart Toolboxes to activate habits for success