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“getAbstract is the leader in a big market for online books, book summaries, article summaries and other published material. The company has built a large and vibrant business selling this licensed material and should be considered an important add-on to any large learning solutions.”

– Josh Bersin at Josh Bersin Academy

Give your workforce a power surge by adding the world’s largest library of business book summaries to your learning content offerings. It’s a great way to ignite new ideas and get productive conversations started around tricky business concepts. It’s also a handy resource to support performers on stretch journeys, helping everyone put knowledge into action sooner!

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Imagine if getAbstract and LRMG could get your people tuned in and curious about new topics, fresh perspectives or important business concepts so that you can stimulate productive conversations, build momentum, and start to shift the thinking in your business…in only 15 minutes a day!

Are you ready to transform knowledge into action in the flow of work?

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World-class content in multiple languages on any device

The world’s #1 source of non-fiction summaries. New texts and audio added to your account every day. Available in 7 languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Russian. Read or listen anytime, anywhere — on your desktop, smartphone, tablet or eReader.

Personalised recommendations and curated channels

Weekly email including a summary based on your reading preferences, or keep up to date on your topics of interest by subscribing to live channels. With over 20 years of experience, our global team carefully select, read and summarise the most relevant content they can find – and secure the rights for every title.

Structured summary format

Highly efficient summary method captures the essence: (1) Rating, (2) Recommendation, (3) Take-Aways, (4) Summarised content for reading in 10 minutes or less, (5) Compelling quotes, (6) Author’s background, (7) Source Link for original book, article, video or podcast.

Illustrated, concrete actions to overcome business challenges

Sketch Notes are getAbstract’s visual how-to guides for solving work-related challenges. With the help of catchy illustrations, each Sketch Note takes readers through a series of handpicked summaries related to a specific business challenge.
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Invigorate your learning culture.

Get people inspired and curious for more.​

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more power you will have.

Read or listen to summaries of the best non-fiction books, articles, video talks and podcasts out there. Level up in time management, leadership, mindfulness, business and much more in just 15 minutes a day.

getAbstract’s summaries help to introduce new concepts, expand knowledge on specific topics or power you through stretch assignments. They’re also useful tools for leaders to use as they drive learning around teams and the business, and can help to encourage productive conversations and promote new ways of thinking, or unlock fresh perspectives.

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The right insight at the right time can make all the difference.

With getAbstract you can invigorate your learning culture by giving your people a platform to build new learning habits – getAbstract’s relevant, bite-sized knowledge is easy to access, and provides just enough information to get people inspired and curious for more.

Help your workforce have more productive conversations and develop fresh perspectives to transform knowledge into action.

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Professionals use getAbstract not just to enhance their job-related competencies, but also to work on their own personal development.

getAbstract helps people worldwide find solutions to real-life challenges – inspiring them to use their knowledge and succeed in the modern workplace and beyond.

It’s a powerful support tool for those wanting to master stretch assignments, take on a new role or learn about a new field of interest. Access getAbstract’s summaries to help your teams explore thinking and solutions so they can overcome business challenges and develop new perspectives..

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Build the habit of learning…

15 minutes at a time

getAbstract saves you countless hours of looking for and evaluating content, making it a crucial add-on to any learning solution, LMS or LXP. It’s the world’s largest library of online books, book summaries, article summaries and other published material – available in multiple languages. With getAbstract’s mobile app you have knowledge at your fingertips – wherever you are – enabling you to learn in the flow of life.

We believe

  • Helping your people fit in a few minutes of learning at a time will invigorate and modernise your learning ecosystem – the mobile app will also help to make learning accessible and promote learning in the flow of life
  • You can feed people’s natural curiosity and drive for learning with getAbstract summaries as they point leaders to key ideas in an easy-to-absorb, structured format (saving time and effort!)
  • Easy-to-read, 15-minute summaries help build the habit of reading more often, broadening people’s knowledge horizon, triggering their curiosity, and helping people discover, share and develop new ideas
  • Providing easy access to summarised expert knowledge, getAbstract helps organisations worldwide to use knowledge efficiently

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Career Dreams

Fast track career growth in the new world of work:

Certified learning paths that build relevant skills and competencies

Invigorate your skills development offering:

University-certified online and blended short learning courses

Rapidly improve your scorecard metrics:

B-BBEE (South Africa) and other scorecard solutions

Trusted certification:

Digitally enabled learning solutions supported by dedicated teams of Wits, Queen's University Belfast, UFS and GIBS academics and experience managers

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Find, recruit and custom train youth to your demand-led specs, getting them work-ready and employable


We find the talent, match personalities and abilities to your culture fit, and then train them to meet your digital skills needs

Comply with your B-BBEE, transformation and skills levy agenda:

Rapidly improve your scorecard metrics: create a talent pipeline for 4IR, ICT and Tech-future Skills

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We find the candidates (or you find them). We train them to use your technology and digital systems within the defined roles


Sales and Unlock Customer Value

Discover why your customers buy what they buy:

Learn to meet customers’ social, emotional and functional requirements

Activate and strengthen sales team engagement:

Digital sales activation challenges

Cultivate a performance-based sales culture:

Sales leadership and culture solutions

Mobilise the right sales strategy:

Sales strategy validation and optimisation

Accelerate sales pipelines and spark growth:

Customer-centric sales strategy

Grow and sustain critical sales capabilities:

Digital learning content for Sales


People Productivity

Engage for sustainable high performance:

Human capital strategy, learning strategy and transformation

Future-fit your organisation for success:

Learning and talent assessments, talent management and people balance sheet planning

Connect learning journeys to performance outcomes:

Onboarding, talent development and learning mapped to your individual and company needs

Move the needle on learning experiences:

Smart learning and talent experience platforms, tools and digital learning assets

Upskill people with new digital smarts:

Digital learning content (customised or plug-and-play)


A Performance Culture

Talent management:

Make better future-fit data-driven decisions for your talent and organisation

Strategy and change:

Inspire your people to change and ignite their passion to deliver business results

Leadership and culture:

Enable your leadership teams to create their unique brand and to build new high-performance habits and behaviours

Digital transformation:

Enable people processes through digital technologies that transform performance

Talent assessments:

Better understand your people's strengths and your team’s productive habits to compete and win

Performance enablement:

Create a culture of feedback that actively measures performance


Leadership Perspectives

Establish a high-performance culture:

Interactive multimedia inspirational stories

Unlock new thinking and shift mindsets:

More than 13 intriguing true stories of high performance

Empower leaders and teams:

Expertly facilitated moderated conversations

Build new habits for high performance:

Smart toolboxes to activate habits for success