Discover the power of working with strengths

Energise your workplace, ignite individuals, unlock potential within teams, and get everyone working in the zone of peak performance.

I know who I am

I know what drives me
I feel like I belong in my team

I am comfortable building relationships

I lean into my strengths to overcome barriers

I use my strengths to lead others


Strengthscope® does what it says – it measures strengths to help your people become more confident, more engaged with work, more connected to each other, and more productive. And it does so consistently over time and situation.

You can use Strengthscope® at any stage of the employee lifecycle. The strengths-based approach can help you attract, engage and retain your talent, and spark the extraordinary in individuals by recognising the strengths they already have, and helping them pick roles and careers that are better aligned with their own strengths.

Imagine if...

Imagine if everyone came to work energised and ignited, and did what they loved. Imagine if Strengthscope® and LRMG could help you create a contagious energy through strengths, which flows through all the teams in your business, raises performance and helps you build a place where everyone can thrive…

Are you ready to spark a lasting change within your organisation?

Accelerate people’s appreciation of themselves

Help them bring their strength energy to work!

Strengthscope’s strengths are trusted and tested

Strengthscope® is the only strengths assessment available in the world today
with British Psychological Society-registered test status. This means it has achieved the global gold standard for test construction.

Strengthscope has been shown to measure without bias concerning gender, age and ethnic origin. Unlike other traditional personality, values or behavioural assessments, Strengthscope is measuring what gives you energy.

Strengthscope’s simple, universal language enables quick interpretation, helping you bring the strengths approach to life every day.

StrengthsPortal™ platform enables the journey

The StrengthsPortal platform gives access to an individual’s Strengthscope report, courses and information for ongoing development.

StrengthsPortal Platform features include: e-courses, StrengthsJournal and useful resources and tools to help teams and individual fully utilise their strengths.

Tune in to strengths with insightful and practical Strengthscope reports and feedback workshops

Strengthscope’s reports, feedback sessions and practical tips help individuals understand what they’re naturally good at, what they enjoy doing more often; and discover how they’re showing up (awareness and consciousness of behaviour).

At a team level, Strengthscope delivers insights to explore team strengths and how to use them, or the discovery of
deficits and how to augment them.

Reveal the strengths and potential of the

inspired, empowered individual​

This is Strengthscope’s foundation module and is used to identify the significant seven strengths that energise each person.

Get your teams energised and inspired to lean into their strengths during times of culture change, when morale is low or when development programmes need to kick off with high energy.

Use this module to give teams insights into the individual strengths that make up the team, and help them explore their combined strengths to maximise productivity, collaboration and performance.

Build a positive team culture where teams tap into each another’s strengths areas and innovate around potential strength gaps and risks. It’s a modern and fresh way of identifying growth and development needs, inspiring turnaround for underperforming teams and helping teams orient for team success.

Invigorate your leadership development programmes
and journeys with this module that indicates leadership authenticity, strengths and habits. Inspire leaders to use their strengths more often, and lean into the best of what they have to offer.

Add an inspirational layer to leadership development programmes, executive coaching initiatives or growth and development paths. It’s a helpful tool to improve leader self-awareness and trigger a journey of continuous improvement and learning.

Amplify workplace energy and nurture a culture where strengths drive performance and shape an environment where everyone can thrive. This module indicates how strengths are showing up in the workplace and contextualises that view with rich qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Add a motivational ingredient into your performance management mix. This tool creates opportunities for positively framed feedback and honest conversations that encourage people to do more with the strengths
they already have.

Explore the progress your organisation is making on their strengths-based journey with this module that helps to benchmark and track changes in engagement.

Use this data to keep the strength-based journey relevant and valuable by making improvements in the right way, at the right places, at the right time.

Everyone loves a good story – use data and feedback from this module to tell stories of the shifts made and the positive gains achieved along the way.

You can upskill your team through virtual and face-toface training to become Strengthscope Accredited Facilitators so that they can help others make the most of their Strengthscope report and bring strengths to action consistently across your business.

Start with strength

Harness the power of the collective

Strengthscope defines strengths as underlying qualities that energise you and that you are great at or have the potential to become great at. Strengthscope helps you perform at your best every day, and helps to reduce performance risks by developing what already exists inside of you.

We believe

  • Empowering your people to develop and stretch their strengths will help them productively overcome blockers to their performance
  • Engaging your people’s strengths helps you achieve better business outcomes
  • You can build an environment where your talent thrives when you empower them to bring the best versions of themselves to work
  • You can awaken the extraordinary in a team when you provide a way for them to discover how the whole team’s strengths work together to produce an impact
  • Following a strengths-based approach leads to enhanced engagement and builds better mindsets
  • Satisfied, engaged and inspired individuals offer a full spectrum of performance possibilities that teams should tap into as they work towards high performance
  • Everyone should be able to have honest, authentic conversations about who they really are, what they love to do, and how they can bring their best to work and to life, every single day.
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A strengths-based approach for the whole employee lifecycle

Download this infographic to see how to scale strengths-based programmes across your organisation. As a modular system, with buildable components, Strengthscope is ideal to rol-out enterprise wide and ensure that everyone speaks and lives into the same language and framework for strengths-based performance.


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