Epic Innovation

Competing in the era of disruptive innovation? Are companies, cultures and leaders adapting fast enough to survive? What can we learn from Netflix?

We are all today competing in the era of disruptive innovation - companies, cultures and leaders not able to adapt fast enough may quickly find themselves struggling to survive.

What can we learn from Netflix?

What lessons on leading, failing, succeeding, innovating and building teams might offer us a glimpse into how we could more effectively nurture innovation mindsets?

How did the company and its leaders revolutionise themselves, and an entire industry (including consumer behaviour)?

“Netflix is different. We have a culture where No Rules Rules.” Reed Hastings

Some highlights in this case study

  • The founding story
  • The rise of Netflix
  • The Netflix and Blockbuster rivalry
  • Judgment and decision-making during moments of disruption

Ignite team and leadership conversations

How might I lead with curiosity to drive creativity and innovation within my team?

Innovative contribution:

  • In what ways might I empower and support my team to take risks, try new ideas and use disruptive innovation to deliver results?
  • How might I recognise innovative contributions?

Innovative disruption:

  • What might be holding me back from being more open to creativity, innovation, disruption?
  • How might I view failures as a stepping stones to success?

Habits of reinvention:

  • What habits could I stack to help my team and me adopt the habit of reinvention,
  • a Return on Luck (ROL) mindset and build muscle in order to persist in the face of adversity?

Accelerate progress:

  • How might I more effectively select technologies that will help to accelerate progress

Format and Approach

Ignite your teams to think differently about performance. Engage them in a highly participative, inspiring and practical lessons. Delivered in a multimedia, facilitator-led conversation on Zoom, supported with moderated conversations in breakout rooms (hosted by our team of Pod Coaches).


This case study is available in a 90-minute or 180-minute online (Zoom) format.

How does it work?

  • Contact us to let us know that you want LRMG to share this case study with your team
  • We will work with you to design or customise key conversation and reflection questions
  • Participants will get a link to a pre-case study primer to complete prior to the presentation and conversation
  • Your team will receive our 10 Habits for Nurturing an Innovation Mindset Toolkit as a take-away to ignite further learning and reflection
“People in our industry gravitate to disruption because of the challenge. They are drawn to the change and sense of impact of what they can do. It’s a nice, friendly kind of disruption.” – Reed Hastings

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